Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting used to a European pace

It is a bit of a culture shock when you first arrive-- things are more laid back in many ways. The open hours of stores are very limited, and many things close at nights except for restaurants.

Photo by Colin Paul
Service at restaurants is much slower. It encourages you to take your time and enjoy yourself, but if you are rushing to get somewhere, you will have to work hard to flag down your server.

Generally I have found people to be very nice and helpful. Not knowing Dutch (or French in the southern region of Belgium) is overwhelming at first. But most in most places you can find some people who speak English well, and they have tried hard to help answer any questions that I have or to direct me where I am trying to go. 

I have really enjoyed traveling to different cities around Belgium, and a few places abroad in Germany and Luxemburg. Although there are similarities between the cities, there is also a uniqueness to each one that makes each trip different from the last. The train system is great in allowing us to experience a lot of different cities in a pretty easy way.

Blog post by Sarah Friedrich

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